To be Bear Artist

It is to realize precious objects collection full of tenderness that are intended for decoration

Poupee nounours

To enable those who pose the question of why I use the term of bear artist to talk about my creative activity Bear collection, here are some explanations that have nothing fancy but based on a term quite professional.

The term bear artist, relatively unknown to the public, is used to differentiate the bear plush manufacturers for the industry and artists.

A bear,s Artist is the sole master of its creation, design boss to completion of the bear. All the labor realization of the subject is made entirely by hand
artists attach a point of honor to this important detail.

Manufacturers produce in series a prototype designed by stylists, generally made in China using cheap labor. Their production revolve around the thousand copies while the Bear's Artists creations are limited to a few models see most often unique.

The bear collectors are called Arctophiles.
They look for creations bear the interest of artists and more rare model of the single room.

The bear is purely creative collection of crafts and in this case of craft art. The rarity of the copy, the materials used, the originality of the subject, the attention to details and finishes mark the signing of artists from these objects coveted by collectors. This is what justifies their appellation bear artist.

A bear is designed from a raw material; its artistic aspect is its design from a textile or other materials.
From a pattern designed by them, artists shape the astonishment with emotion, originality and so every bear has its appearance, expression, a unique appearance that gives it life and that will bring comfort, happiness tenderness and collector who has adopted for the artist .... because he is not buying but adopting such a being to whom 
we gave life. The bear is usually always accompanied by his numbered certificate of authenticity.

The paramount to a bear artist is creating and not the result commercial.Il is rare to find an artist who happens to live only of his art even if he puts his whole soul because it is the passion of this art that drives first.

These bear's Artists can compete with the low prices of mass-produced bears because their bears are in turn made in the noble and expensive materials and their implementation needs to take the time and care necessary to create such models unique. The cost of these creations so has no relation to the prices charged by manufacturers of large series.
On the other hand the bear artists buy their supplies in small quantities and not taking advantage of wholesale prices. Their bears are often articulated, some have mechanisms up to see the automaton and are always fully finished or hand sewn.

Their prices can easily be of the order of 70 or 80 euros for small rooms. The miniatures (hand sewn) require as many hours as the larger models and a lot of attention to detail; they can have quite high prices despite their size; ... hundreds of euros for exceptional pieces are possible, this based on the number of available models on the reputation of the artist.

It is obvious that these bears are collectibles for adults. Signed, numbered and authenticated, they are very popular with arctophiles with time and take a great value.

Voila, this will, I hope, helped to clarify the artistic value of this universe of creation Bear collection designed to dream big and small ... I invite you to learn more and discover Many artists of exceptional talent to follow my link to the website honey Gueules's Friends.