The creator

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the beginning

It is after a few years in fashion design in Paris and be returned to Britain I actually started making bears in the goal of an activity from 2010.
I discovered the world of antique toys which bears the artist's collection and in trade magazines and then I visited exhibitions dedicated to the art and shared this passion
with various creators of these precious objects made with such care.
This very special area reserved for amateurs usually attracted me to the point of getting started step by step in this creative adventure by opening a shop on A Little Market.
"L'Ourson Malouin" has emerged with one or two test models before they expand to become a line of "little malicious characters sturdy character."

The brand

My bear is for me "little mischievous characters to the character well tempered" I first thought of "The Malins Bears" and since I was living in Saint Malo,
pirate town known for its temperament, the idea has caught on and has established itself as "L'Ourson Malouin".

About L'Ourson Malouin

All my creations are sewn by hand (I only used the machine for some clothes assemblies)
Each model is unique.
I choose more willing to make small subjects because they are intended for decoration, but I also made a few other sizes or on request by feel.
I develop the patterns for each of my subjects, meticulously selected tissues that compose them by just starting on an idea ...
I never really know the result I would get, I let my hands work and shape about me coming to life slowly ..
Depending on my imagination and the progress I shape my model, I add here and there the details that give it its character.
In the end it is often a discovery for me and who is not necessarily related to my first idea.
In fact I leave to my creative free will to take life in its own way.
In terms of materials I use various more or less expensive fabrics. This will mohair, flax, cashmere velvet, brocade satin, various fake furs, various velvet, wool Pyrenees, leather and imitations, cotton ... and all materials that seem interesting work.
Like any artist in this field, referencing the quality of his work is important.
Also, I have assigned to each of my bears a numbered certificate of authenticity attesting to their status as a single piece, with their brand name L'Ourson Malouin, photograph, name, size, year their creation and the name of their creator.
They will be delivered in their cotton bag, with this guarantee.


The Artist is so made that it is
reason to hope that in the creation

Letter to Yves (2010)
Pierre Bergé