Secure payment

The payment is made directly on the e-shop L'Ourson Malouin - Platform ETSY 

Legal Notice

Etsy Ireland UC
66/67, Great Strand Street
Dublin 1

Téléphone : +353 1 513 7100
Télécopie : +442035142331

Email :

Représenté par :
Janet Mahon - Directrice
Nicole Vanderbilt - Directrice
Angela Steen - Directrice
Ronan Davy - Directeur
Denny Price - Directeur
Intertrust Management Ireland Limited - Company Secretary

Etsy Ireland UC is an unlimited liability company incorporated under the laws of Ireland and registered under company number 495696.

VAT number : IE9777587C


What are the methods of payment available

  • BANK CHECK (in France and on this website only)
  • OTHER (see below on ETSY) 

Bank card

ETSY has established a secure payment system by credit card on the Platform, allowing the buyer to set
directly on the Platform the amount of the order by credit card at the time of finalization.

Payment by credit card is totally secure for customers.

The payment by credit card of your order is made directly with its secure and encrypted payment interface SSL Etsy payments.

Etsy Payments allows buyers and sellers to use various payment methods on,, mobile apps and other Etsy services.
Etsy Payments users can pay with, and accept payments by, credit card, credit card, Etsy gift card, Etsy credit, some bank transfer service, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Reader Sell on Etsy - and this in their local currency.
This policy explains all your rights and obligations when using Etsy Payments: Terms of Use

Etsy retains information associated with Etsy Payments transactions and does not transmit any secure data, including credit card numbers or bank details, to any vendor. Sellers only receive shipping information as well as limited information from the buyer's account to enable them to process the order. Etsy's Privacy Policy further explains how Etsy processes user information.

Our security specialists and fraud detection systems protect sellers and buyers 7 / 7d, 24 hours a day.

Payment by credit card: You must indicate:

  • The number of your credit card
  • The date of validity
  • The visual cryptogram that corresponds to the last 3 or 4 digits on the back of your card

The receipt of your payment is validated by an email from Etsy.
You will not be charged until the Seller confirms the order.
In case of canceled order you will receive a cancellation email and the refund of your purchase will be made by the Shop L'Ourson Malouin on your account.


Paypal is an international means of secure payment that allows customers to pay for their purchases
different sites (eBay, Amazon, etc.) without having to learn every time their credit card numbers,
but simply an email address linked to their PayPal account.
Your personal information is stored on PayPal servers and are subject to enhanced protection, both physically and electronically.
To further protect your credit card and account numbers, Paypal servers protected by firewalls, are not directly connected to the Internet.

After choosing this payment method, you will be taken (e) to the PayPal page the seller.

If you already have a PayPal account, sign in with your password and confirm the payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create a PayPal account and confirm the payment or pay directly by credit card.
After confirmation of the payment on PayPal and checkout, you are charged (e) and your parcel may leave our warehouses.

Bank check

You can also opt for payment by check.
Payment by check can only be made via this site L'Ourson Malouin via the contact form : Order
This payment method is reserved for France orders. The check must be issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France.

Once the order is finalized, a summary email is sent to you (to the email address linked to your account).
On the order summary email you will have the address and the order to send your payment.

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive confirmation by mail of the shipment of your package.

Your items will be reserved for 7 days order date. Beyond this period, the order may be canceled and your item put back for sale.